Instructions for Getting Your TV to Work on Our Cable System

In 2017, we have upgraded our cable system to full digital high definition! This means a much clearer picture, 720p or 1080i resolution, and now 48 channels! If this is the first time your TV has been on our cable system, you will need to perform a one time programming (setup) for your TV.
Things needed for your TV to work:
A TV that is digital (High Definition) with a built in QAM tuner. Have your antenna amplifier off. Go to the menu on your TV. Depending on your TV manufacturer, you will need to search for the “Channel” settings tab. Under this tab, you will need to look for “Auto Program”, “Channel Program”, or “Auto Channel Scan”. Select this option and let it complete. It usually takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Once completed, you will have high definition cable TV!
TV Brands Most Likely Not to be Compatible:
Emerson, Element, Furion, Haier, Legend, Polaroid, Quasar, Sansui, Sceptre, Seiki, Sylvania, RCA

Cable TV Channel Guide

2 - The Weather Channel 3 - Freeform 4 - A&E 5 - Nickelodeon 6 - Discovery 7 - CNN 8 - ABC 9 - Paramount 10 - History 11 - CW 12 - NBC 13 - CBS 14 - PBS 15 - NESN 16 - TNT 17 - TBS 18 - FOX 19 - CMT 21 - FX 22 - MTV 23 - USA 24 - Lifetime 25 - ESPNU 26 - AMC 27 - FOX News 28 - Food Network 29 - ESPNEWS 30 - ESPN 31 - ESPN2 32 - WE 33 - FXX 34 - GET TV 35 - Comedy Central 36 - Disney 37 - Cartoon Network 38 - E! 39 - Fox Sports 1 40 - Bravo 41 - HGTV 42 - IFC 43 - Nat Geo 44 - TLC 45 - Travel Channel 46 - Tru TV 47 - Ion Television 48 - TV Land 49 - SyFy 50 - Program Guide
Reservations can be made by phone or online. You can send us an email using our information request form but that does not guarantee a site. The request form is only a way to inquire about availability. Booking for following years can be made anytime. Our office is open year round for reservations and questions.
Bayley's offers 2 trolleys to the beach daily during our in-season period. The trolleys go to Pine Point Beach and Old Orchard Beach. It picks up at the front of the resort, next to the large playground. Our resort is a half mile from the beach.
For campsites (non rental units), the check-in time is 2pm and the check-out time is 12pm (noon). For rental trailers and cabins, check-in time is 3pm and the check-out time is 11am. If you would like to have an early check-in or a late check-out, please inquire with the Main Office. These options are only available if the site or rental unit is ready or available. Any early arrivals or late check-outs are subject to a fee.
Reservations cancelled at least 30 days prior to arrival date will receive a refund minus the following: 1-13 nights is a 1 night site fee, 14 or more nights a $250 fee. Failure to arrive on arrival date without notification will forfeit your deposit and site. NO REFUNDS FOR EARLY DEPARTURES, FOR ANY REASON. No refunds at any time for any rental units. No refunds for any reservations shortened on or before arrival. For changes please contact the Main Office as soon as possible so we may better assist you.
No refunds at any time for any rental units. No refunds for any reservations shortened on or before arrival. For changes please contact the Main Office as soon as possible so we may better assist you.
Yes, pets are welcome! Please let us know if you have pets with you upon arrival. We require you to sign a pet agreement. The following is on the pet agreement: Maximum of 3 pets per site (Pet friendly rental units have a maximum of 2 per site). Pets must be on a leash at all times and can only be walked by adults 18 years and older. Pets may not be left unattended. Pets are not allowed in the stores, restaurant, pool areas, playgrounds, ponds or activity area. Do not bring pets on the trolleys. Pets are not allowed on public beaches between 9am-5pm. After 5pm they must be on a leash. These rules apply from May 15 to Labor Day. Any person who brings a pet must have proper equipment to clean up after it at all times. Pets are not allowed on rental sites or in rental units, unless it is a designated pet friendly unit. (2 pets maximum is allowed in pet friendly rental units. Do not allow your pet to cause noise that may disturb other campers/guests. Any violation of the rules will result in eviction of the pet from the resort. Visitors (day or overnight) are not allowed to bring pets.
We have a variety of sites. Some are wide open, some semi-shaded and some more shaded. Most sites have a crushed rock base, and we do have some that are grass. For more details please contact our Main Office where we can better assist with what you are looking for.
We do not accept personal checks upon check-in/arrival. However we do accept; cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Money Orders and Travelers Cheques.
If there is availability, you can. Please inquire at the Main Office before switching sites.
Yes, you can bring your bike. The bike rules are; No riding after dark, under 16 years must wear a helmet (State law) and no riding on the paved areas of the resort.
Yes, WiFi is included with your stay. To access our WiFi, you click on the Bayley's Resort network name/SSID, then open your web browser and click “connect and agree”. If the button/Bayley’s page is not coming up, try typing in another page other than your homepage and it should appear.
On all of our sites/rentals we have a site maximum of 6 people. If you have any questions or would like to clarify something please contact our Main Office where we can better assist you.
Personally owned golf carts are not allowed. Low speed vehicles (LSV's) are allowed if you are a seasonal, spring or fall package customer. Nightly and weekly customers are not allowed to bring LSV's. Inquire with the Main Office for LSV requirements and rules. If you would like to rent one of our golf carts you can reserve one in advance over the phone when making your reservation. You can also wait until you arrive to pick up a golf cart but availability is not guaranteed and is on a first come first serve basis. To be able to rent a golf cart one must be 21 years or older with a valid driver’s license.
Priority check-in is where you arrive at Bayley's, see the gate attendant and go straight to your site! No waiting in line! Priority check-in is only for camping sites, rentals will have to check in at the office. To be able to get priority check-in simply call our office and we will verify that you have your reservation paid in full, correct license plate numbers and amount of people. Must be completed at least 48 hours prior to your arrival to allow us time to email you the Priority Check-in voucher. Arrive between the hours of 2pm and 8pm with your voucher displayed to the gate attendant on your phone or printed and drive directly to your site! Priority check-in is offered on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Check-in time would be 2pm. Priority check-in is available during our summer season. If you are interested in doing so please contact the office.
Motorcycles are allowed to go down to certain sites between the hours of 8am - 8pm only. If it is after 8pm we would ask you to park the motorcycle behind the Main Office for the night. ATV’s, motorized scooters, hoverboards and other motorized units including children’s motorized cars, jeeps etc. are not allowed in the resort. Any questions please contact the Main Office.
Guest are more than welcome to visit the resort for the day or overnight. Every person needs to be registered at the office. There are also fees that apply to visitors: Day visitor adults (18yrs+) are $12.00 per day per adult, day visitor children (3-17yrs) are $10.00 per child per day, overnight adults $15.00 plus tax per adult per night (must be out by noon following day) and overnight children $12.00 plus tax per child per night. The rate includes the visitor's vehicle. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets (see pet information above).
Two pop-ups (tent trailers) are not allowed on the same site. Each site rate only includes one camping unit. If there is a second tent on a site with a unit already, there is a tent site fee which would include the tent, car, and 2 people. If a tent is being set up for your own children there is no charge. If there is going to be a second unit (tent) set-up, please notify the office upon arrival or ahead of time.
We are a family camping resort; we accept couples and families only. We reserve the right to deny campsites to persons under the age of 25 in order to maintain the family atmosphere in the resort.
Yes, campfires are allowed. There is a fire ring at each camp site. Out of State, pine and pallet fire wood is prohibited! We do sell bundles of wood for $8.00/bundle in our stores. If you have any questions, please contact the office.
There are a couple of reasons why our rates include 2 people:
- There are a lot of couples who visit us without any children or guests.
- The majority of our amenities and services are included in the nightly rate. As your camp site grows past 2 people, there will be more amenities and services being used by a larger family.

We offer discounted camping in our spring and fall seasons. While our rates are reduced during these periods, our amenities and services are limited or not available.

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